Harmonic Survey

A General Guide to DC Motor Maintenance

The Engineering Recommendation G5/5 “Harmonic voltage distortion and the connection of harmonic sources and/or resonant plant to transmission systems and distribution networks in the United Kingdom”, came into implementation on 17th June 2020, setting the limits to be valid at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC). Harmonic surveys are carried out to check compliance with the standards and utility regulationsYour site could currently be not in compliance with these standards and could face fines. Harmonic issues can also cause:

  • Deterioration and damaging of equipment
  • Equipment failure; fuses blown, breakers tripping etc
  • Underperforming of energy efficiency

The new and improved Harmonic Survey from Q Electrical gives a detailed assessment of your site to see if you are compliant and overall performance of your system, delivered by our in house expert engineers.

The survey consists of 4 steps:

  1. Pre site survey to assess, carried out by one of our engineers, this can be carried out via Teams or Phone Call if necessary
  2. Site visit to fit data logger in strategic locations and collect load data (e.g. type and size of loads, transformer rating) usually between 7 – 14 days
  3. Site visit to remove data logger
  4. Data is download from data logger, report is generated and sent to customer, the report consists of data such as; current total harmonic distortion THDI, voltage total harmonic distortion THDV, active energy in kWh, current RMS, total energies and costs and much more.

Our in-house expert engineer will then analyse the data and carry out a further report summary with recommendations, from the report a no obligation quote and discussion can be had with our engineer on what recommendations can be carried out on site.

We are running an introductory offer on this survey, FREE for the first 3 people, all you have to do is email [email protected] with ‘HARMONICINTRO’ and we can arrange an engineer to your site for the initial assessment.