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In the recent issue of Industry Update, Q Electrical Industrial Services Limited has been selected as their Electrical Solutions Company of the Month.

“We officially started in February 2021 after a new partnership was formed through Quantum Controls acquiring Lothian and Borders Electrical, which has produced 43% year on year growth to date” says Lyall Colvin, Managing Director.

Known formerly as Lothian and Borders Electrical Ltd, Q Electrical Industrial Services Limited boasts over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry and through its merger with Quantum Controls, benefits from its over 25 years’ experience as the UK’s leading supplier of variable speed drives, electric motors and support services.

Streamlining its services, Q Electrical Industrial Services Limited is one of Scotland’s leading NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation) accredited, electrical contractors. The company offers a wide range of electrical services for all electrical installation projects including industrial panels and domestic distribution boards, bespoke control panels, installation services, electronic repairs, maintenance services, PLC programming, harmonic survey, EV Charging Installations, inspection and testing, emergency call-out services, power factor correction and much more.
“We offer electrical installation industrial services and we are environmentally and safety focused.” Lyall continued, “We are a one-stop-shop solution. We can assist our customers through any stage of a project electrically. From start to finish, design and manufacture of control panels, installation and commissioning, software and programming – we provide a fully comprehensive service.”

A notable service the company provides, Q Electrical Industrial Services Limited is offering Harmonic surveys. Since the 17th June 2020, the new implementation of the Engineering Recommendation G5/5 came into effect setting the limits to be valid at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC). Through Q Electrical Industrial Services Limited Harmonic Survey service, the company carries out checks for compliance with these standards and utility regulations to ensure its customer’s sites are fully compliant and not at risk of receiving fines for noncompliance. Not only necessary for ensuring compliance, but this service is also vital for preventing harmonic issues which can cause deterioration and damaging of equipment, equipment failure and underperforming energy efficiency.

By using Q Electrical Industrial Services Limited’s Harmonic survey service, the company provides customers with a detailed assessment of their sites compliance and overall performance. Through the company’s in-house team of expert engineers, Q Electrical Industrial Services Limited analyse the data and carry out a further report summary with recommendations. Best of all, the report provides a no-obligation quote and a discussion with one of its engineers on what recommendations can be carried out on site.

In terms of recent developments, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have faced challenges and a slowing or halt of services/production. Able to not only establish itself through its merger but to have grown its business, Q Electrical Industrial Services Limited has been able to continue providing its services and has seen an influx of new business.

“We have been busier than ever as we have been providing services in key industries.” Lyall continued, “Unfortunately, we did have to furlough half the staff for six weeks initially, but since then we have been busier than ever and have managed to grow from it. We’ve created 9 new jobs in the first 3 months of trading and we continue to recruit Electrical Engineers in Scotland.”

Indeed, the company has been showcasing its wealth of expertise through its services, proving to be a successful merger of the two leading companies. In regards to the company’s plans, Lyall told us that, “We want to continue to be the go-to people in Scotland for that turnkey service in electrical installations.”

To see how Q Electrical can help you, email [email protected] or give us a call on 01875 816 302!